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Daily Kos
to getting "Clean for Gene." Retro will always be cool,
and now political junkies can wear
some of the logos from Democratic campaigns of the past, thanks to

McGovern, Stevenson, Carter, Humphrey, and a couple Kennedys
are all there ... Those logos make me feel old.

And by old I mean, of course, hip, cool and wise.

Shirt Snob
You look cool and knowledgeable in their shirts! ...

Our tee is quite comfortable and soft. It's made well, the graphics are aligned correctly and silk screened well.
The tee is American Apparel and seems to be a medium heaviness, good for all weather! It's also a good length, coming to the
middle of our hips. It held up great in the wash too! ...

We are quite pleased with our tee and are sure we will get a ton of use out of it.
We are big fans of this site,
and will be buying a lot from them for presents for all our political minded family and friends in the future!

And another mention here!



... a very cool idea for making your T-shirt line stick out from all the others out there ...

You just gotta love those retro-styled ringer T-shirts. All those extracted fibers and rubs in darker tone makes this tee look vintage ...

Like your shirts retro / vintage, but different? Then by all means try Retro Campaigns. You’ll have a unique design which will make people smile, no matter which political option they’ve belonged to. Not only that – you’ll have a highest-quality T-shirt which will last for years.




Typo Tees

Epic campaign tee (our Goldwater AuH20)

Tee Gazette

pretty cool designs, especially if you’re into history and politics.


Smart Tees

Retrocampaigns vous propose de revivre l’histoire des Etats Unis au travers des campagnes et des hommes politiques les plus marquants de Roosevelt à Reagan sans oublier la famille Kennedy.["Retrocampaigns invites you relive the history of the United States through the campaigns and the most prominent politicians from Roosevelt to Reagan as well the Kennedy family"]

I Luv Tshirts

Most of the tees especially the JFK, Reagan and  Teddy R's tees are masterfully done in its respective era's design and fashion bringing with it an air of authenticity.


Loving This Tee

Not only does the shirt look vintage, but it also feels like a tee that has been broken in. ... Retro Campaigns has the vintage thing down pat!

The Retroist

Politics has become pretty divisive as of late, but I cannot help but think that wearing a Bull Moose Party shirt would drawn anything but a smile. Or how about Lincoln? Everyone loves Lincoln right?

T-Shirt Roundup

[about our new Lincoln tee] It may be a little late, but if you want to show your support, you can thanks to Retro Campaigns.

Fashion Saved My Life

You've seen the old-school designs for Obama and the Abercrombie and Urban Outfitters vintage-inspired tees, but did you know that now you can show off your support for the likes of Teddy Roosevelt or William Henry Harrison?

Buy Tees

What I love about Retro Campaigns is the way they give you the full low-down on every t-shirt they produce, and more.

From an earlier review (click for more):

These aren't your usual anti-Bush, Stop The Streets, We Can Change range of tees you'll find at most stores these days ...

Check out this review of our Summer 2009 tees!

And another mention here!

(November 2009)

They have broken away from their original style and brought some nice vintage style designs to the field and these designs are complimented by their choice of shirts. For the latest shirts they are using Alternative Apparel’s destroyed tees. They just ooze vintage chic.

From an earlier review (click for more):

It is like they found a secret stash of 40 year old political t-shirts in mint condition and are now sharing them with the world.

The designs on the t-shirts makes them look like they have already been through the wash about 50 times or have
faded with age

which just adds to the vintage vibe.

101 Tees

The guys and girls over at Retro Campaigns are creating and producing politically themed t-shirts that are ... well ... pretty cool!

OMG Tees

It’s always good when a niche teeco gets some kids sizes. It gives uncles something to get them for Christmas. Uncles never know which toy would be suitable - but they should at least know how old they are to within a year or so.


The shirts themselves have a great weathered look to them ... In addition to the shirt, my shipment came with a Retro Campaigns button, and a history printout relating to the design itself. It’s little touches like these that let me know these guys are in it for, not just the shirts, but the entire package.

And from a December 2009 review of our new line:

The designs on these shirts have an even more retro look to them, and feature classic campaigns such as Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and William Henry Harrison ... They plan on adding more to this line and to their classic line as well. This should result in a wide selection of very quality shirts. I am continually surprised by their designs and I’m ready to see more!

Hide Your Arms

Back to the Old Skool: Retro Campaigns:

I know it seems like every time I mention politics and t-shirts
in the same sentence I’m disparaging to both the creators
and the wearers, but I do think that there is a place in this world
for tees that let people know what you think without the
need to tell them ...

Retro Campaigns
allays my uneasiness
with political clothing ...

And another mention here!
Retro Campaigns have released seven new tees, based upon their winning formula of popular political designs from the past, which I'm sure you guys might find refreshing if you're feeling a bit of political burnout from the relentless coverage of Obama vs McCain.

Check out a full shirt review here!
I love the way that the vintage look of the tee makes it somehow more honest than political tees that we see today ... Print quality is great, very soft, and the vintage look is so good that you may even be forgiven for thinking that the tee is 'vintage' rather than 'vintage look'.

Summer 2009 Review here! 

So Many Shirts and Only One Body
... I immediately fell head over heels when
first set eyes on it.

I got a George McGovern tee. Obviously, the t-shirt is supposed to look vintage and it does but it also felt vintage, especially with the printing ...

For Retro Campaigns, the printing is consummate ...
It's a printing miracle! ...

... And besides the swell t-shirt, there was information about
George McGovern attached to it.
It's a nice idea - to understand what we are wearing.

I didn't know who McGovern was. I just like the design, but after reading about him, I have a better appreciation of the guy and his ideals.

I like, nay, love Retro Campaigns ...

Tee Hunter

September 2009
Tee Hunter recently spoke to Christine over at Retro Campaigns - a retro/political tshirt brand. Christine is the founder and they have an excellent range of tshirts covering a lot of different American presidential and political campaigns.

The Trendi Blog

A fashionable cure for your ED...
Not that ED. Ew.
ED as in Electile Dysfunction:
Definition: The inability to become aroused over any of the choices for
President put forth by either party during an election year.
"Is anyone appealing to you in this years presidential race?"
"Naa ... No one excites me. I think I'm suffering from Electile Dysfunction."
Vivian told me about this funny term and a few days later I saw these
hirts from

... If current presidential candidates had fun slogans like candidates had
'back in the day' (aka before I was born), then I think we'd cure a lot of the political ED some people are suffering from ...

You Design It TV

(about our photo shoot video)
The video shows their personality and it appears they have a good time with what they do. It’s simple, refreshing, and shows the human side of their line.

TShirt Review Blog

Retro Campaigns makes some of the coolest new-old shirts I've come across ... Retro Campaigns is one of the few places out there that can pull off politically-themed t-shirts without being ...
well, political
about it ...
It's really an impressive collection,
definitely check it out ...
The water-based inks and faded design really contribute to the
vintage look and feel ...
It's really neat to see some of these shirts purely because it reminds you of a time when the things that were important to the American public were much different than they are now.

T-Shirt Watch
Are you undecided in this years presidential election?
Can't decide on Barack or Hillary? No worries.
Retro Campaigns puts a cool spin on the political tee
- and you'll already know exactly who won, or lost.
They've got a great collection of 'classic' political tees
inspired by campaigns and candidates long gone by.
So if you're stuck in the 70's, you can still
support Carter and McGovern.

And another mention here!

New cool, retro political stuff

Vintage Aficionado

Yes, I always vote for original vintage but RC's tees still give me an election.
I am most impressed by the entire operation of this shirt company. Impeccably timed given the youthful climate of US politics, great marketing and a slick website. And once you fill out your order ballot they actually deliver on their promises - the packaging is top notch and includes a nifty button, a mock ballot receipt and JFK fact sheet. If you're considering becoming an online proprietor of t-shirts or running any internet/mail based biz - a lot can be learned here.

T Shirt Review

... the shirts are very well printed ...

And another mention here!

And in July 2009!


In term of T-shirt and print quality, and closeness between what I perceive from on the website and what actually get; I give this tee 4 out of 5.

(based in Croatia)

What better idea for a tee company, than to build up their designs around past USA presidential election campaigns ...

Nice thing is they now have kids' styles, you can check it out at their cool looking website.

If you dig retro shirts ... could become one of your favorite destinations for online shopping.

T-Shirt Magazine

Check out this interview
with Christine
from Retro Campaigns!


France's Fubiz.Net featured us in their recent "20 T-shirts Roundup"

Little Bird Style

... we found a way cooler political option to rock in history class: these tees at Retro Campaigns. You can wear this one (Students for Kennedy) when learning about the first televised presidential debates (Kennedy vs. Nixon, 1960), or this one (Democrats for Reagan) when your teach is going on about trickle down economics (that's Reagan for ya). No prof will be able to resist giving you an 'A' in these looks.


The shirts are printed on American Apparel, with nice soft prints - just the way I like them. I'd definitely recommend picking these up if you want to show off your political know-how.

The Albany Project
A very interesting and fun concept... A lot of cool t-shirts there ...
Blog Talk Radio
****Christine Lusey of Retro Campaigns will be a
Special Guest on my RADIO SHOW:
"Open the the Public Radio" on Friday, Jan. 25th, 7:30pm (Eastern) / 4:30 (Pacific). TUNE IN!!****


I love niche sites, businesses, approaches. It takes a lot of confidence, belief and ability to be successful with niches - most people play it safe and go for the mass market.

But then they get lost in the masses and struggle to stand out. So when someone goes 'super-niche' I have even more admiration, and that's what Christine has done with her t-shirt site Retro Campaigns.

She's not only gone for a politics niche, not just an American politics niche, she's gone for old school, retro, US political campaigns niche. And what an amazing job she has done with the site - it looks beautiful, it's informational and most of all, it's easy to buy shirts.

Jess Zaino

I recently was introduced to a quirky new t-shirt collection. With all of the 2008 campaign happenings happening, it is fun to go retro with retro campaign tees.

Pop Culture Tees

Feeling nostalgic for the older, more innocent days of politicking? If so, the folks at Retro Campaigns have you covered.
Each of the designs offered on this site is brilliantly imagined and perfectly on-point. Heather/black ringer tees from American Apparel and water-based printed make the retro-feel of these designs even more authentic.
We love em!

Vintage Indie
... You are going to have a lot of fun as well as
land some really great shirts ...

Retro Campaigns takes you back in time and has searched
high and low to bring you hard to find
remembrances of the past and has incorporated them into
T-shirts for today's fashion ...

TShirt Alert
Ok since when has an interest in
politics been cool?
Umm since the moment the
Retro Campaigns label hit the scene.

Retro Campaigns have managed to tastefully adorn a range of vintage-style tees with political ink that will make even the most uneducated appreciate the US political leaders of eras goneby ...


I ordered one and the second I opened it I felt how soft it was and how I could not feel the print at all. I give it a solid 9. Everyone check it out.
The T-Shirt Blog

One t-shirt site that seems to share my affinity for the past is Retro Campaigns. You won't find any Obama or Palin there just yet, but can you really go wrong with someone like J.F.K.?

Tee Gumbo
Tired of the politicos yet? Burnt out by rhetoric?
Feel the need for real change?
Maybe you need a look back instead of forward?

Kennedy '68, McGovern '72, Jimmy Carter,
Willie, Stevenson, Humphrey, Muskie,
they are all back and in the race at Retro Campaigns
where "politics ain't what it used to be" ...

Buy: Retro Campaigns --
This WeHo t-shirter reprints iconic campaign images/slogans, mostly from progressive unelectables like McGovern
and McCarthy, whose "Get Clean for Gene" volunteers sheared their hippie hair so's to not freak out New Hampshire.

Aaron's T-Shirt Review

If you're a history buff, or maybe old enough to have some fond memories from the elections 40 years ago, then
I'm sure that you'll like these tees ...
The site design is pretty sweet looking, too,
so you should check it out.>

Fantastic Blognanza
Retro Campaigns gives those of us who are sick of all this vitriolic debate a chance to escape into our glorious past ...
Go to Retro Campaigns and buy a shirt or two ...


how cool are these t-shirts from
Retro Campaigns?...

I'm gonna take it back old school and say
"I'm Ready for Teddy," too.
Militant Geek

Retro Campaigns is a T-Shirt site with a very interesting premise ... Any sharp eyed chemists in the crowd have already worked out the cleverness behind this ["Goldwater AuH20"] shirt.

A T-Shirt Blog

They’ve got a lot of good stuff ... It's a great sentiment embodied in great design. [United We Shall Overcome]
Shirt Find

fun and creative designs from a great little company out west called Retro Campaigns ...
We think that they have
something worth looking at.

Shirt Log

... I like especially the retro minimalistic design ...
go check it out!

... the great retro look of this t-shirt makes it worth wearing all on its own - no matter what your political views ...

The Daily Tee

Forget Hillary and Obama - ‘Kennedy 68! ...

Color Overload

Retro Campaigns is a cool new t shirt company with an old school twist.

T-Shirt Review

Read a new interview with
Christine from
Retro Campaigns!

T-Shirt Websites

This McGovern tee is way cool
And another mention here!

Funky Duds

Great quality tee and print

A unique twist ...


Check us out at Teenormous!

 T-Shirt Island


newborn classics ...

I Love Your T-Shirt

Featured Item!




Blue Hampshire

A Retro Campaigns Special Friend!

Florida Politics

A Retro Campaigns Special Friend!

Progressive City State

A Retro Campaigns Special Friend!


On the July 25th episode CBS's summer hit Swingtown, our baby blue Jimmy 76 tee was featured in a scene where two characters are promoting the Carter/Mondale ticket:

Jimmy 76 on Swingtown

Our green on green Gimme Jimmy 76 ringer was featured on the July 17th episode of Swingtown:

Gimme Jimmy on Swingtown

Comedian Greg Fitzsimmons, regular on VH1's Best Week Ever,
sports our new LBJ tee on the May 9th 2008 episode:

Greg Fitzsimmons